Over the years, Outlook has developed close working partnerships with some of the UK’s major blue chip companies. The proof that we deliver for clients is the longevity of many of these partnerships – working for more than a decade with Sky, EDF Energy, HSBC, Transport for London, Capital One and BT.


  • Sky

    We owe a lot to Sky, for teaching us to incorporate their business issues in our research recommendations, to constantly challenge our respondents and to demand the maximum from ourselves. Sky is one of the few clients that allows their agencies into the boardroom and we have over the years delivered results to a succession of CEOs.

    In exchange, we feel that we have been instrumental in some of Sky’s great successes for a decade and a half – from product launches (Sky+, Sky HD, Sky Go) to helping develop strategies for acquisition and retention.

  • Sainsbury’s

    Whilst Sainsbury’s is a relatively recent client, we have worked for major UK retailers (M&S and Tesco) since 2003. Sainsbury’s has enabled us to play to our strength of combining granular feedback with higher level strategy.

    The strong ethos that motivates Sainsbury’s Colleagues (staff) spurs us on, as an agency. In such a fast moving sector, we are glad to provide regular insights that have helped the business to keep their finger on the consumer pulse.

  • EDF Energy

    We are almost an old hand at understanding the views and behaviour of energy customers, having worked for EDF Energy ever since it entered the UK market, and even before then, from the point of market deregulation, working for the businesses that EDF took over. EDF has challenged us to find the interesting stories in a sector of low consumer engagement and trust but which impacts on the daily lives of the entire UK population.

    Over the years we have always been down to earth and frank in our feedback, challenging the business every time that we felt it was necessary. We have lived and breathed the highs and lows of a major provider in this market through challenges including regulatory constraints, evolving attitudes to the environment, and movement towards consumer empowerment via Smart Meters.

  • Virgin Media

    Virgin Media is the latest addition to our portfolio of media clients & capitalises on our huge experience in advertising & branding strategies, as well as our proven media, fixed & mobile telecoms expertise.

    For Outlook, the nature of the work is almost the perfect combination – fast paced, challenging, working across different strands of the business, with outputs delivered to senior & engaged audiences.

  • HomeServe

    HomeServe gave us the unusual challenge of working for a major company whose business model has been built on letting other brands spearhead the relationship with its customers, but which is nonetheless competing with nationwide providers that do have brand recognition. For almost a decade, HomeServe has challenged us to answer difficult questions such as identifying unmet needs in the market and marketing products to hard-to-reach populations.

    We are proudest of the work we have delivered to support HomeServe’s huge effort in improving company compliance. Whilst some of this work was fairly hard going, we have understood its importance and it has enhanced our expertise in financial regulation and compliance in customer communication.

  • Capital One

    Having worked for Capital One since 2007, we are grateful to this client for helping us define the role of Behavioural Economics in our work. Capital One has also enabled us to gain expertise in how the recession and recovery have affected consumer attitudes and behaviour with regards to debt across different segments of the UK population.

    Our proudest achievements with Capital One have included helping the business mitigate the communication of bad news to customers at the height of the economic crisis, bringing an understanding to the business of consumer attitudes regarding the very difficult question of debt collection. Beyond this, we have helped Capital One in its aim to play a positive role in helping consumers with less knowledge gain a better understanding of how to use credit.

  • Hastings Direct

    Part of the challenge of working for an insurance provider is the almost total absence of customer loyalty and the presence of technology which has empowered customers to have the upper hand. This is a perfect example of the tensions that as an agency we recognise and try to turn into opportunities.

    In the relatively short time that we have been working with Hastings Direct, we have been able to provide useful insight into the online customer journey, as well as how to differentiate their offering in a promiscuous market.

  • HSBC

    It was thanks to the strong relationship that Diane had with what was then Midland Bank that Outlook was founded. During the decade that we worked for the bank, both on consumer and business banking services, we saw the transformation of banking relationship from face-to-face to online.

    Some of our most impactful work was in challenging the business on loyalty issues relating to their credit card, developing a consumer segmentation that was used within the business for a number of years, and conducting a review of the SME banking relationship at the start of the financial crisis of 2008.

  • O2

    What we have enjoyed in our work with O2 over the years has been helping to maximise some of the key products and services of this market leading mobile provider.

    We have been fortunate to have had meaty, strategic projects for O2 that enabled us to demonstrate our skills, whether trying to find ways to reinvigorate an unsuccessful service, or bringing to life their segmentation and identifying innovation opportunities for the segments, or undertaking a complete review of sales and service channels. We are also very proud to have helped with the launch of giffgaff through our work on its positioning, audience, and bundling.

  • What clients say

    “Outlook have consistently been a close research partner for over 10 years despite a changing client team and different priorities and direction internally – which is testament to the high quality of insight delivered.
    Outlook always ensure they understand the research problem fully at an early stage which means they drill down on what’s important for delivering actionable insight. Internally, stakeholders from right across the business always feedback positively on how they challenge our thinking, in a constructive way, to put the customer first.
    For me, Outlook offer three main points of difference:
    1. they always make sure to properly understand the problem at briefing;
    2. they challenge us (but in a way that is constructive and people like);
    3. they understand us.”

    Nick Eves, Customer Insight Manger, EDF Energy

    “Hastings Direct was looking for an agency to support us in better understanding the relevance of our products to our customers. One of the main reasons I chose to work with Outlook was because they were able to demonstrate a real understanding of what we were trying to deliver and it was clear they had done plenty of research to make themselves familiar with the industry and associated regulation. This put Outlook in a great position when completing the research and by the end I believe they knew the fine print of our products as well as we did! Importantly, I also really enjoy working with Diane and her team – they are insightful, direct, action oriented and fun to work with.”

    Lucy Johnson, Commercial Director, Hastings Direct

    “I have often recommended Outlook to colleagues and would not hesitate to do so now. They are a trusted agency that never fails in delivering fantastic insight. We have worked closely together over many years. Outlook has the ability to cut to the core of issues and to represent the customer and is therefore called upon to advise on issues regardless of whether they have actually conducted any research on the matter. Outlook truly understands what clients need and in that sense they completely ‘get’ what a client/agency partnership is all about.”

    Danny Russell, General Manager (Business Intelligence), Telefonica UK

    “We have worked with Outlook for a number of years and have always received a first class service. Whether it be through working with them on key projects or simply being able to pick up the phone to chat, they are always available to offer expert advice. The team are friendly, provide excellent value for money and make sure the research always provides insights to help drive our business forward.”

    Simon Moll, Market Insights Manager, Sage UK

    “We have worked with Outlook for a number of years now and have always received a first class service.  Whether it be through working with them on key projects or simply being able to pick up the phone to chat about an idea, they are always available and on hand to offer expert advice.  The team are friendly, provide excellent value for money, and make sure the research always provides insights to help drive our business forward.”

    Head of Research, Credit Card Company

    “We have built up a close working relationship with the Outlook team over a number of years. Outlook’s honest and pragmatic approach is especially valued, and we have found their flexible way of working particularly useful in helping us to meet the business’ varying research needs.”

    Head of B2C Research, Utilities

    “Outlook is a close and trusted supplier.  Unlike many other research agencies, with Outlook we always know that we will get the same senior level of input at all stages of all projects, the research will be costed very competitively, it will be robust, and the output will be insightful and pitched at exactly the right level.”

    Head of Insight, Train Operating Company

    “We have always been very impressed by the service we receive from Outlook. They provide excellent value for money, are always very responsive and easy to work with and bring a great deal of experience, thought and enthusiasm to their work on our projects.”

    Insight Manager, UK Charity

    “What really sets Outlook apart from other research agencies for me is their genuine integrity. I am always left with the impression that from the outset Outlook are focussed on the best possible outcome for their client, and not just on winning and completing a project. The fact that they are confident to challenge a brief, propose alternatives and be flexible throughout a project always confirms this for me.”

    Insight Account Manager, Media Company